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About business and money

Vladimir Mikhailovich, good afternoon! A huge number of educational start-ups appeared suddenly. How would you evaluate this market — how promising is it?


1. This thing is like this. Everyone is pretty tired and fed up with school. There are no textbooks, no teachers, no money, no education, there is nothing, as they say, nothing good. Therefore, the view of progressive people has rushed forward, to the creation of new options and paradigms of education, because it is still necessary to teach children, but nobody knows how, what, by whom and why.

2. There is no doubt that someone’s option will be most appropriate. Then there will be fame, recognition and spreading. That is why many start-ups have dived into this sphere – what if they are suddenly lucky with the idea and its implementation? I think that the chance is one of 1000. But this is also a chance.

About business and money

Vladimir Mikhailovich, hello! Today the business has become so kind. It offers a free schedule and organizes playrooms for the staff and worries about health. I would like to know your opinion, will this trend of business democratization continue?


1. No. Business does not have that much money to spend it on democratization. Soon there will be not be enough money to pay salaries. Moreover, the quality of the work performed by employees is reducing, it is becoming more difficult to sell at least something, income is decreasing due to this and there is nowhere where to take money from.

2. Thus, income is decreasing and expenses are growing. Once this balance becomes negative, then unproductive spending will begin to be cut. This is the way how business and life are arranged.

About business and money
Klara Jenkins

Vladimir Mikhailovich, I have a provocative question. It is clear that YOU are proud of your successful projects, but are there any that failed?
Have you analyzed it? Why did this happen?


1. It is good that I am already at that age when I am not ashamed of my mistakes and failures.

2. In total for the last 25 years I have implemented over 50 different business projects. Among them there is the saving the country’s furniture industry (1991). Saving the city of Kyiv from hunger (1992). Saving of all schools in the country from the lack of notebooks (1993). Publishing of innovative books. International transport of people. Saving of historical monuments in Kyiv from destruction (the Church in Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, the pool near the Youth Palace in Pechersk). Establishment of the first private school in the USSR, creation of «Oligarch» media buster, the country’s first purchase of goods on the Internet with a credit card and the consequences of this brave act for the country’s business. And so on.

3. All this is frankly and instructively enough described in the book «Twomovers by Spivakovsky», which is uploaded here in the blog. Some of my business miscalculations are also described there (for example, the mass production of insteps for flat feet, or production of taximeters for taxis, etc.). In general, out of 50 businesses, 40 turned out to be quite successful, that is, my efficiency is 80 percent. It is a good indicator.

4. I want to warn you against the common and stupid phrase «Learning from mistakes». In fact, no one learns from own mistakes. You need to learn from victories and successes. Read the book — there is a real guide, how to do business quickly, easily and profitably.

About business and money
Jonh K. Rasen

Good afternoon, Vladimir Mikhailovich!
I have the following question: You often mention a large number of your businesses. And what kind of leader are you? What systems of personnel management, their selection, motivation, delegation of authority prevail in your companies?


1. As a leader, I am diverse. Judging by the fact that my company is 28 years old, and there is hardly a dozen of such in the country (which were established in the distant 1988), and it is still alive and people have worked here for 15-20 years, I think, everything is ok with the management of the company.

2. Concerning the systems of personnel management, selection, motivation, etc. We do not have anything that is written about in traditional textbooks. Textbooks are usually dead, written, as a rule, by losers and clever men who never sniffed business powder. Therefore, I, for example, came up with «diagonal» instead of vertical, horizontal, matrix control systems. And sometimes I use radial one. And more often none or whatever.

3. Management is always connected with people, but people are all different. Some are quick to understand, others are not witty or irresponsible, or they can be freeloaders, arrogant, cynical or slow. Or vice versa, they can be hyperactive, smart, responsible and productive. I do not match people to the structure, but I pull out of people all their abilities so that they can realize them. Then the company acquires new colors and impulses for moving forward and upward.

4. You need to take into account that whatever control schemes are drawn on paper, they cannot be repeated in any company.

About business and money

Explain please! Everyone keeps saying, in order to start your business you need starting capital. Did you have it, if so, how long did you save it, or did your relatives help?
What to do if there is an opportunity to get money only by borrowing in a bank, is it worth doing, or is it better to postpone it from year to year (to infinity). In general, if I put it not clear, the problem is that I want to start my own business, work for myself and now I have a choice to get into debt taking a loan (what do you really think about borrowing?) or continue to save (this seems never to end). I want to ask you as a successful businessman for advice.


1. Starting capital is not necessary. I’ve never had it. I use the formula «The mind replaces money».

2. How to organize a business without money — I wrote a detailed book. It is very frank, easy to understand, instructive and with real examples. It is called «Twomovers by Spivakovsky» and it is uploaded here on the website in the blog in the section «His books». Everything is very clear there. It is problematic to post 250 pages of text.

3. First you need to know what you can do for which people are willing to pay. Then think how this combination could be organized in order to spend less money on promotion, or not to spend, but to earn money in advance.

4. In this book there are 50 examples of such start-ups, which began to bring money before launching. So, not everything is hopeless. Read it, this is a good guide to a successful and lucky life. And if you have any questions, then write again.

About 5*****star schools
Learn More

Vladimir Mikhailovich, do you have any idea why all schools start at 8? It’s so early! It messes up children, and even parents … At the same time work starts at 9 or even at 10.


1. Yes, you are right, this is a complete absurdity. They say that this happened historically. Previously, most people had to start work at 8-9. And it was impossible to go to work, leaving the child alone to cook own breakfast and get ready for school.

2. Now the time has changed, but everything is still the same way at school. And no one really cares that children do not get enough sleep, are nervous, diurnal cycles in an organism are broken. I will tell you more: according to «scientific» instructions, the first lessons should be «serious» — Mathematics, Physics, because the mind is still fresh. And the fact that the mind has not woken up yet gets no attention.
Even in sports before the match, they conduct training, warm-up. And we have it like this – you run to school at 8.30 and immediately at 8.31 you go to the board to solve some equations. It seems that school scientists do not have their own children.

3. At schools of the near future (they will appear soon), and this scheme is fully described in my book «Educational Blast», lessons will begin at 10 and they will alternate: with a consistent load on the muscles (Physical Education), mind (Physics), feelings (Literature), stomach (lunch), imagination (Art), lungs (walks), wit (the Internet), communications (team activities), etc.
Because when lessons alternate, there is no fatigue and tiredness.

4. In my educational technologies I described the purpose of education and the results which it should be targeted at: abilities, skills, knowledge, competence, health, character and 12 other similar results. They are described in more detail in the book.

About 5*****star schools
Irena Miller

Vladimir Mikhailovich, good evening! I`m reading your book about education. Tell me, please, if you are not afraid that if you turn education into business, many of its values will devalue (sorry for the tautology). I mean, the management of such a school will have not teaching but earning money as the goal.


1. I offer new values: High-quality education of children on a high standard + high salaries for teachers.
And the current values, that is, poor education + beggarly teachers` salary I offer to leave in the past. Although there must be diversity for balance and justice: anyone who likes this value can leave it and live with it.

2. The word «business» means «activity». For example, bread is baked — it’s an activity (business), planes fly — it’s an activity. Unlike the perverted stamp imposed on us that business is something obscene, aimed only at dishonest profits, everything is a little different.
Bread is bought only if it is delicious, and only in this case the bakery receives income. And if the bread is not tasty, then it is not bought and the bakery goes bankrupt.

Planes do not fly for profit, but to transport passengers. And if the airline is good, everything is polite and scheduled, people fly with pleasure, pay for tickets and the airline earns income. And if it serves poorly, then people go to another airline, and the «slacker» leaves market.

As Rockefeller said, business is primarily the production of shoes. And only if they are sold, then there is money.

3. The same way with education. First, it is necessary to produce an ideal educational product (it is a highly educated according to the modern high standard and a well-bred graduate) and then to see how much it can cost. And only then it`s time to determine who will pay for it: the state, funds, parents or mixed.

4. The idea that conmen will manage education, teach badly and scoop up money has no grounds, since people are not ready to pay for bad production any longer because they have learned to distinguish between good and bad.
Therefore, the school model described in my book will be both useful and profitable at the same time. And it`s a win-win situation.

About 5*****star schools
Denis Perron

There is an opinion that schools today are mass production enterprises. Do you agree with this? After all, school policy can easily influence the world outlook of children.


1. Schools today do not produce «masses». They are the enterprises for production of complete «spoilage».

2. They would produce «masses», if there was exactly this ideology, purposefulness, communal methods. And now they are simply producing spoilage needed nowhere. And there is no world view either – neither in the society nor in the teachers.

3. In order not to have spoilage, but to have useful products, it is necessary to establish goals — what and how to teach, what to get at the end of the 11-year path and then how to move towards these goals. It’s not so difficult.

4. My technology on this issue (quickly implemented in the west) is called DRESS: Double Result Education System by Spivakovsky.
Double result means: high standard of fundamental knowledge + broad competencies of the graduate that are necessary in practical life. This formula appeals to parents and governments of other countries.

About 5*****star schools



1. Answer: in the brand! A centuries-old brand plus demonstration of a high standard of living of the British, which was achieved thanks to wonderful education — this is its special feature.

About Grand Lyceum
Patrick C.

Good day! Tell us how catering is organized in Grand? Is the different from what children are fed with at public schools?
Do you practice double meals (2nd breakfast and lunch), as in America, Europe? What are you focusing on, making up menus for schoolchildren?
Thank you!


1. The catering system in Grand is something we are proud of, because it is tasty, vitaminized, balanced and conscientiously cooked. Of course, there is no comparison with the usual school (simply because there are fewer opportunities). Well, if to compare with Europe and America (many of our teachers and students were there), catering in Grand is twice better. No wonder the children themselves called the lyceum cafe «Stuffed Lyceum Student».

2. Meals consist of breakfast (buffet), lunch and snack. In detail and in color the menu, graphics and diets can be viewed on Grand Lyceum site.

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