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Internet-portal www.edufuture.bizHere the long-awaited idea of 2 in 1 is realized:
there is both obligatory state standard (which is extremely important!) and knowledge that is needed in real life.
Lyceum GrandThis is the first private school in the country,
which has been on the top
of private schools lists
since 1989.
Worldwide network of 5 *****-star schoolsThe best schools in the world, leading systems of education,
experts opinions, relevant topics
and discussions.

Case-lessons7W ® case-lessons combine a set of curriculum disciplines. So it falls into memory as a neural connections that increases remembering and understanding of learning issue.
“Oligarch” Magazine The publication which has excited the imagination
and left more questions
than answers for many years.
Exclusive magazine.

Education BlastAtlas
New books by a famous researcher, businessman and author Vladimir Spivakovsky.
Brand of the YearAll-Ukrainian Competition «Brand of the Year» was founded in 2000.
Annually the best of the best brands have been chosen for many years.

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