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Liao Xinyue

Hello. I am a teacher from Asia. We have been using the 7W cases during the last six months while a classroom training. Tell me please how to use cases during the summer holidays so that children continue their education and do not forget knowledge they received during the year.


It is easy. You can see all suitable options of age, topics and languages of the case-lessons on the site www.edufuture.biz. Choose your lovely case or package and even get a discount. Pay attention on the most popular case-lessons, which are included in the top-list by children and teachers from different countries.

Tyler Sutton

Good afternoon, Vladimir Spivakovsky. I have a question about case-lessons. How many teachers should conduct a case at the same time? There are scans from different subjects there. Is it possible to cope with one teacher or do we need to involve several? In this case, is it efficient to involve several employees for one lesson?


The best way to conduct is one teacher. There were many attempts to involve more teachers. It led to increase a budget (necessity to pay double or triple salary). In addition, the situation occurred, when teachers began to argue with each other and they spoiled a lesson.

Also, the efficiency comes when we include into interactive discussions students instead of teachers. The progressive point is that the role of the teacher dramatically changes. Now the teacher not totally speaks and explains, but helps to find out needed information and process it. It’s a way, when students master the knowledge deeper, faster and remember it for longer time.

Kim Van

Vladimir, good evening! Curiously, does edufuture.biz have opponents? Directors of schools, for example, who do not want to make life easier for teachers? Or the publishers of textbooks?


1. No, it does not. Everyone is happy and satisfied. They are already enjoying it in 58 countries. Moreover, according to our information, many sites even steal it, which, of course, is not very good, but it shows that they do not borrow bad things.

2. As for publishing houses, there is now such a crisis with the publication of textbooks, with their underfunding, as well as the position (and orders) of the ministry about switching to electronic media and textbooks, that there are no problems either.

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