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About the book "Educational blast"


Vladimir Spivakovsky, are you going to initiate a competition, where your new book with your autograph will be a prize?


1. Yes, in the autumn. There will be a great competition.


Vladimir Mikhailovich, good afternoon! Do you consider the educational blast only a social project? Didn`t you write the book for the sake of earning?


1. Of course, the book Educational Blast is a model and technology of the social education project of the future. Many of the fragments from the book are already being used by specialists at their schools, lessons, methods and ideas. Thus, the former education system is undermined, and with the help of a chain reaction, a new system of education appears. So that’s all true.

Mark Richmond

I was very surprised by your self-assured claim, described in the book “Educational Blast”.
The question has arisen — have you tried all the techniques «on yourself» or just operate with beautiful words and figures?

It is impossible just to take the educational system, which was built for centuries, and turn it upside down. Even if it is possible, the question is whether it is necessary.


1. The «Educational system with a human face» developed by me is intended only for those people who are bored with the current educational system. Those who are quite satisfied with the current state of affairs in education have no need to read my books. There, in the book it is written: «it is dedicated to the victims of the educational system».

2. All innovations, of course, have been tested. And the content of knowledge in the Hypermarket, and the coaches, the system of diverse lessons and the system of results, and 5-star status and funding, etc have been tested too.
The book was written relying on 25-year experience and it inspired millions of teachers and students in 45 countries. Enter the title of this book in Google and see how many links it has. I’m not saying that I conduct dozens of Master classes on this topic in different countries at the request of the educators.

3. I’m not going «just to take it … and turn it upside down». I understand that the educational system in the whole world is very conservative. Therefore, on the contrary, in the book (and already in life), pilot projects are being implemented. Without any pressure from above.

4. There is one example. «The inventor of the» mobile phone» did not impose his invention on the whole world. Some people still ask: «What’s wrong with an ordinary landline phone?» The correct answer is: «nothing is bad.» An ordinary landline phone is very good. Only it has no future. The future is for another type of telephone devices. There is the same situation with education.
But those who like, can continue to use only landline phone. And this is normal. The main thing is that there should be a choice.


Vladimir Mihajlovich, I got a picture from your book — Educational Blast about the social order. I considered and thought for a long time. So is it possible to create a school where all students, all parents and teachers will be happy? Or is it utopia? P.S. By the way, I`ve found your book!


1. Of course, it is possible.

2. In the world, there are many things that appeal to all sides (manufacturers, consumers, governments), for example, some: cars, houses, clothes, food, movies, resorts, etc.). Just no one previously set such a task for education.


Hello Vladimir. Tell me, please, how, where and for how much I can buy your books?
Thank you!


All information can be found here: http://market.edufuture.biz/the-education-blast

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