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XQ in America
Competition for the best super school XQ, which was organized by Lauren Jobs, Steve Jobs`s widow.
New Year’s story. «Everything is inside»
The New Year begins not in Lapland with Santa Claus, Father Frost and Bukovel, but in New Zealand, where it comes first.
Children are quanta crystals
Quantum thinking allows you to distribute attention in real time.

Expensive Human Capital
To create, grow, educate, so that a person has their capitalization.

Rice pilaf from Spivakovsky
An old Uzbek taught me the art of cooking pilaf, when I was digging sand on archaeological excavations in an expedition under the hot desert sun…

Reform of education. What’s this? Algorithm…
Aim at the moon, because even if you do not get into it, you’ll rotate among the stars.

Lessons of Happiness
What allows people to have a happy destiny, a family that overcomes all the crises: monetary, age, painful as well as associated with a career?
Elites are different
People understand elite as something that is not measured by genes, but by social recognition.

Isn’t it attractive to get double results?
Double results education system.
Education System must work as Swiss watch.
This is a holistic approach to the Education System with all its important elements.
How we treat our own children
Sometimes I wonder how we, the adults, treat our own children in barbarous manner.
What do HR are looking for?
That is why they think over: will this guy behave well?
The public order is simple
Sometimes the public order is simple – for example, to win an international academic competition on physics, or maths, or computers, and then the state students training «machine» is turning on.
«The Future»
Now in Japan, this is one of the main school disciplines — «The Future».
What does the society want from the school?
Have it spelled
the indicators, which shall specify a graduate after he or she leaves a farewell party?
What do parents want from the school?
«…become happy, wise, healthy and wealthy.»

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