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About the pyramids


Vladimir Mikhailovich, is there really no one else in the world, who collects pyramids? And if I start, won`t you be offended?


1. When I applied to the Guinness Book of Records to register this record — the world’s largest collection of pyramids, they issued me this certificate not immediately. They checked this information for a whole year, conducting a real research. And in the end they found out that really there was nobody who collected pyramids.

2. What offence can there be – do collect. We will exchange our exhibits.

Huan Fernandes

Vladimir Mikhailovich, good afternoon! Recently I came from Mexico and I`m still under the impression! Especially from the Mayan pyramids. What the guides say is interesting, but… But there is really some kind of special power felt in this place! And do your exhibits from the collection have some interesting supernatural properties?


1. Yes, when they are all together, and there are already 1300 of them, then at some moments subtle sensations arise.

2. Individual exhibits have their own incredible history that takes the breath away. Especially when the acquisition of a unique pyramid was accompanied with a rare history associated with it.

3. In my collection there are pyramids from all continents, but Mexican ones have a strong charisma, if you can say so about the pyramids.


Vladimir, as the author of the world’s largest collection of pyramids, why have you chosen the pyramids?
Why did they attract you? Thank you.


1. Full answer and the whole story with the pyramids is given here in the blog, in the top menu.

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