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Tom Onebrow

Hello, Vladimir! Is it worthwhile to introduce such an interesting practice — fines for misbehavior for schoolchildren? It seems to me, it could be effective.


1. They have tried many times tried. In different countries. At all times. At school and at home. NO RESULT.

Ioan G.

Who do you consider the hero(s) of our time in business?


1. Americans — Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg.

2. I was recently at Microsoft’s office in Redmond, near Seattle, saw how everything was organized there. I wish it was like this everywhere.

3. The heroes of the old time could be Rockefeller and Rothschild.

4. All of them are strong personalities, with a bright mind, an extraordinary depth of penetration to the essence of things, aspiration for the future, and with striking large-scale effectiveness.

Sara Louis

Good afternoon, Vladimir Spivakovsky. I have a delicate request — my fourteen-year-old son is not interested in anything, except computer games.
He does not want to do any lessons, even to walk with friends outdoors.
What should I do?


1. He will pass the age limit. This is just his age. About the fact that he does not read something, what you would like him to read — do not worry. He scans everything with his mosaic look, but temporarily he has another priority.

2. But the best thing will be if you ask him to teach you to play computer games. You will see a phenomenal result.

Jerry P.

Vladimir Mikhailovich. I often read your blog. I was moved by the answer about the fact that now parents cannot do anything. Especially forbid. So, what advice would you give to modern parents? Which approach is necessary? What influences the upbringing of the child, if parents do not influence?


1. The situation is like this. If earlier the influence was distributed as follows: school — 40%, family 40%, environment — 20%, now school — 20%, parents — 20%, environment + Internet 60%.

2. Thus, parents have to use their meager 20% more effectively. There are no new secrets — we just have to talk with children more often and about anything, and not in instructive manner. And it also must be taken into account that children look at their parents and do not forgive them insincerity. It turns out that parents should behave perfectly, and this, unfortunately, does not always work.

Valentina Thomas

Vladimir Spivakovsky, good afternoon.
I read that in American schools there is a ban on hugs, in short, boys and girls should not kiss and hug during breaks, respectively, they do not meet, do not fall in love, do not fight, do not make it up.
On the one hand, the USA is a trendsetter and an advanced country; on the other hand, the school teaches not only knowledge, but also life. It is a model of the adult world. And why cannot they fall in love here? so what?
My school romantic relationships did not interfere with my studies at all, and if they interfered, I was guilty myself and learnt from my mistakes, so as not to repeat them in my adult life.
It’s probably not a question, but a request to comment on the information)


1. I do not care who and how hugs. If this is accepted in the subculture, then this cannot be resisted. It will either get accustomed or wither. Nature itself is looking for ways of its development, even in such matters.

2. I was in America, when these hugs were widely discussed there. But not in connection with the issues of etiquette or morality, but for sanitary and hygienic reasons — there was flu and children were confused. They understood that the chances of transferring viruses increased, and on the other hand, how to refuse hugs due to such nonsense as flu. Moreover, children are mostly the freewheeling type.

This polemic came to no result. As it happens, somebody embraces and somebody does not.

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