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There is such a well-known TV series «Servant of the people» which is filmed by «Quarter 95» team.

They show the problems of Ukraine and sometimes in general terms talk about the ways to solve these problems. Haven`t you thought to present your ideas of MegaBrands in this series? It is watched by millions of people and they can be hooked. After all, if you look at Switzerland for example – there is the highest standard of living (according to some ratings it is No. 1 in the world), and they are not in the European Union and they are not looking forward to being there. They have just concentrated on watches, banks, chocolate, cheese, the Alps and knives. And the whole world knows these Mega Brands of Switzerland and respects them for their high quality.


1. Yes, the idea of Mega Brands 10×10 is gaining more and more supporters. This is when 10 major business brands of Ukraine will be able to bring about $10 billion each year. Thus, it will add up $100 billion to our GDP, which is now about the same. That is, you can significantly increase it every year.

2. Servant of the People is a great TV series, but it is more political, social, sad and cheerful. The authors of the script have their own vision. And economic calculations are not the point for them. But your idea is good. 🙂

Greg Martin

Vladimir Mikhailovich, today in PR and marketing so-called success stories are used widely. I imagined what would be the motivation for schoolchildren if one of the successful graduates of the same school came to them and told how he did it. What do you think? And do you practice it in Grand?


1. Yes, this is a very good idea and a strong motivator for teenagers’ mind and vision of life prospects. We sometimes invite successful people or writers (who write about them) in Grand.

2. The sadness is that students cannot listen to a long monologue (even very interesting), but no other format has been invented yet. This is much better for the University students, they are more mature and diligent.


Vladimir Mikhailovich, as a born marketer, reveal the secret: do you always think about the target audience before implementation of any project?


1. Yes, in theory, it is necessary to do so. But I sometimes make mistakes and forget how it happened to my long-suffering and happy book «If you Deserve More, Break the Rules.» I completely forgot when writing it — to whom it should be intended, and as a result … a dizzying story occurred with it (it is described many times in the blog). I even had to come up with a special target audience, which did not exist in nature. Even the World Guru, Philip Kotler, acknowledged that he had to include my target audience in his marketing textbook.

2. But you asked the ight question. The thing is that I’m more interested in not so much creation and development of business as … in creation of a market with a product that does not exist. This is a real drive.

3. That is, I create target audience. There were no private schools before me, and people were getting ready for them for a long time, and I helped them. Before me there were no colorfully published books (samizdat on bad paper was in fashion in the early 90’s) in the country. I was the first in Ukraine to create a demand market for polygraphically refined books. And slowly a new target audience apperared. And people liked it.

Before me, no one in the country knew what brands were and how to deal with them. After me there appeared a brand market, which I activated with the «Brand of the Year» contest. Before me, no one knew that it was possible to connect two incompatible target audiences on the Internet (teenagers and adults), and it became possible on my site Xvatit.com. We have a unique and rapidly growing new target audience here — just a dream for advertisers.

4. Thus, I act on the contrary: I am not looking for — what kind of existing audience is suitable, but I create it and offer products or services to it. This takes a little more time. But that’s how the drive, the buzz and the life begin.


Hello! Is there a difference for you personally between PR and propaganda? Which do we have more of?


1. Of course, there is a difference. PR — (Public relations) — public relations. This is informing society. And propaganda is the imposition of a certain (necessary) opinion on society.

2. For example, «normal» news on TV is PR. And one-sided news is propaganda.

3. To a large extent we have both, and they are used like salt or sugar, as needed and to taste.

Jessica Lounder

Vladimir Spivakovsky, please express your attitude to advertising, which is shown on TV and on the Internet on each site.


1. Advertising is like rain, and even with the wind. You want to hide from it under the umbrella not to get wet, not to squish in puddles (sometimes dirty) and you want to always have sun!

2. Unfortunately, nature is not arranged like this. I myself do not like rain or advertising. But even fish cannot be without bones.

3. Nevertheless, like rain — advertising performs several important functions (even invading your personal space). It sometimes gives useful information (at least in 10 cases out of 100). It sometimes excites the imagination (in 1 case out of 100). It gives jobs to hundreds of thousands of people. And it sometimes helps businesses sell their goods. Because if the goods are not sold, people will not receive wages. That is, it is of some use.

4. Another thing is that in my books I anticipate how crushing it will perish one day under the onslaught of another terrible force… But for this you will have to read (there is not enough space for such a dramatic plot) my books «If you Deserve More, Break the Rules» or «Twomovers in Business», which are uploaded here on the site and in the blog.

Sunny Bird

Good afternoon! Vladimir Mikhailovich, I was very interested in the story of how you come up with a new target audience for your business, instead of doing business for the existing target audience. And yet, don`t you think this is not entirely appropriate and rational? After all, the old known marketing is somehow working faster.


1. Unfortunately, the old marketing has died. Because the laws of global and local markets have changed very much and do not act according to the old rules.

2. Nevertheless, no one is forbidden to use the tools of old marketing and to achieve excellent results in it.

3. There is such a thing. I found for myself a new interesting niche and I get pleasure and dividends. Rationality and expediency for me are not guiding stars. I have a different path. 🙂

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