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Patrick C.

Good day! Tell us how catering is organized in Grand? Is the different from what children are fed with at public schools?
Do you practice double meals (2nd breakfast and lunch), as in America, Europe? What are you focusing on, making up menus for schoolchildren?
Thank you!


1. The catering system in Grand is something we are proud of, because it is tasty, vitaminized, balanced and conscientiously cooked. Of course, there is no comparison with the usual school (simply because there are fewer opportunities). Well, if to compare with Europe and America (many of our teachers and students were there), catering in Grand is twice better. No wonder the children themselves called the lyceum cafe «Stuffed Lyceum Student».

2. Meals consist of breakfast (buffet), lunch and snack. In detail and in color the menu, graphics and diets can be viewed on Grand Lyceum site.

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