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Explain please! Everyone keeps saying, in order to start your business you need starting capital. Did you have it, if so, how long did you save it, or did your relatives help?
What to do if there is an opportunity to get money only by borrowing in a bank, is it worth doing, or is it better to postpone it from year to year (to infinity). In general, if I put it not clear, the problem is that I want to start my own business, work for myself and now I have a choice to get into debt taking a loan (what do you really think about borrowing?) or continue to save (this seems never to end). I want to ask you as a successful businessman for advice.


1. Starting capital is not necessary. I’ve never had it. I use the formula «The mind replaces money».

2. How to organize a business without money — I wrote a detailed book. It is very frank, easy to understand, instructive and with real examples. It is called «Twomovers by Spivakovsky» and it is uploaded here on the website in the blog in the section «His books». Everything is very clear there. It is problematic to post 250 pages of text.

3. First you need to know what you can do for which people are willing to pay. Then think how this combination could be organized in order to spend less money on promotion, or not to spend, but to earn money in advance.

4. In this book there are 50 examples of such start-ups, which began to bring money before launching. So, not everything is hopeless. Read it, this is a good guide to a successful and lucky life. And if you have any questions, then write again.

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