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Jonh K. Rasen

Good afternoon, Vladimir Mikhailovich!
I have the following question: You often mention a large number of your businesses. And what kind of leader are you? What systems of personnel management, their selection, motivation, delegation of authority prevail in your companies?


1. As a leader, I am diverse. Judging by the fact that my company is 28 years old, and there is hardly a dozen of such in the country (which were established in the distant 1988), and it is still alive and people have worked here for 15-20 years, I think, everything is ok with the management of the company.

2. Concerning the systems of personnel management, selection, motivation, etc. We do not have anything that is written about in traditional textbooks. Textbooks are usually dead, written, as a rule, by losers and clever men who never sniffed business powder. Therefore, I, for example, came up with «diagonal» instead of vertical, horizontal, matrix control systems. And sometimes I use radial one. And more often none or whatever.

3. Management is always connected with people, but people are all different. Some are quick to understand, others are not witty or irresponsible, or they can be freeloaders, arrogant, cynical or slow. Or vice versa, they can be hyperactive, smart, responsible and productive. I do not match people to the structure, but I pull out of people all their abilities so that they can realize them. Then the company acquires new colors and impulses for moving forward and upward.

4. You need to take into account that whatever control schemes are drawn on paper, they cannot be repeated in any company.

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