Volodymyr Spivakovskiy

Klara Jenkins

Vladimir Mikhailovich, I have a provocative question. It is clear that YOU are proud of your successful projects, but are there any that failed?
Have you analyzed it? Why did this happen?


1. It is good that I am already at that age when I am not ashamed of my mistakes and failures.

2. In total for the last 25 years I have implemented over 50 different business projects. Among them there is the saving the country’s furniture industry (1991). Saving the city of Kyiv from hunger (1992). Saving of all schools in the country from the lack of notebooks (1993). Publishing of innovative books. International transport of people. Saving of historical monuments in Kyiv from destruction (the Church in Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, the pool near the Youth Palace in Pechersk). Establishment of the first private school in the USSR, creation of «Oligarch» media buster, the country’s first purchase of goods on the Internet with a credit card and the consequences of this brave act for the country’s business. And so on.

3. All this is frankly and instructively enough described in the book «Twomovers by Spivakovsky», which is uploaded here in the blog. Some of my business miscalculations are also described there (for example, the mass production of insteps for flat feet, or production of taximeters for taxis, etc.). In general, out of 50 businesses, 40 turned out to be quite successful, that is, my efficiency is 80 percent. It is a good indicator.

4. I want to warn you against the common and stupid phrase «Learning from mistakes». In fact, no one learns from own mistakes. You need to learn from victories and successes. Read the book — there is a real guide, how to do business quickly, easily and profitably.

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