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Vladimir Spivakovsky, good afternoon.
I read that in American schools there is a ban on hugs, in short, boys and girls should not kiss and hug during breaks, respectively, they do not meet, do not fall in love, do not fight, do not make it up.
On the one hand, the USA is a trendsetter and an advanced country; on the other hand, the school teaches not only knowledge, but also life. It is a model of the adult world. And why cannot they fall in love here? so what?
My school romantic relationships did not interfere with my studies at all, and if they interfered, I was guilty myself and learnt from my mistakes, so as not to repeat them in my adult life.
It’s probably not a question, but a request to comment on the information)


1. I do not care who and how hugs. If this is accepted in the subculture, then this cannot be resisted. It will either get accustomed or wither. Nature itself is looking for ways of its development, even in such matters.

2. I was in America, when these hugs were widely discussed there. But not in connection with the issues of etiquette or morality, but for sanitary and hygienic reasons — there was flu and children were confused. They understood that the chances of transferring viruses increased, and on the other hand, how to refuse hugs due to such nonsense as flu. Moreover, children are mostly the freewheeling type.

This polemic came to no result. As it happens, somebody embraces and somebody does not.

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