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Jerry P.

Vladimir Mikhailovich. I often read your blog. I was moved by the answer about the fact that now parents cannot do anything. Especially forbid. So, what advice would you give to modern parents? Which approach is necessary? What influences the upbringing of the child, if parents do not influence?


1. The situation is like this. If earlier the influence was distributed as follows: school — 40%, family 40%, environment — 20%, now school — 20%, parents — 20%, environment + Internet 60%.

2. Thus, parents have to use their meager 20% more effectively. There are no new secrets — we just have to talk with children more often and about anything, and not in instructive manner. And it also must be taken into account that children look at their parents and do not forgive them insincerity. It turns out that parents should behave perfectly, and this, unfortunately, does not always work.

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