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Vladimir Spivakovsky, I confess, the «day» with fairy tales was the most interesting of all. When the intrigue seemed to start to go out you presented these tales and everyone was interested again.

But the truth is — children were read bedtime stories so much. For instance there was Buzzy-Wuzzy Busy Fly that my daughter knew by heart and recited on all children’s and adult events. Unfortunately there is nothing new to tell my grandchildren, only those old rhymes for children that I remember. But this is the past! but where is something new? but there is none. And if there is, it is so horrible that I will not tell such rubbish to my granddaughter.


1. You know, I’m glad that such a wonderful business niche has appeared in the world. Moreover, in the area that does not seem to be a business.

2. And if there is (and there will certainly be!) such a great writer, who will be in tune with our ultra paradoxical time and find the right tone in communicating with the kids, and who will also come up with heroes and useful-nice-human morality, then we`ll get a completely different reality.

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