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There is such a well-known TV series «Servant of the people» which is filmed by «Quarter 95» team.

They show the problems of Ukraine and sometimes in general terms talk about the ways to solve these problems. Haven`t you thought to present your ideas of MegaBrands in this series? It is watched by millions of people and they can be hooked. After all, if you look at Switzerland for example – there is the highest standard of living (according to some ratings it is No. 1 in the world), and they are not in the European Union and they are not looking forward to being there. They have just concentrated on watches, banks, chocolate, cheese, the Alps and knives. And the whole world knows these Mega Brands of Switzerland and respects them for their high quality.


1. Yes, the idea of Mega Brands 10×10 is gaining more and more supporters. This is when 10 major business brands of Ukraine will be able to bring about $10 billion each year. Thus, it will add up $100 billion to our GDP, which is now about the same. That is, you can significantly increase it every year.

2. Servant of the People is a great TV series, but it is more political, social, sad and cheerful. The authors of the script have their own vision. And economic calculations are not the point for them. But your idea is good. 🙂

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