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What would you say? Is peace in the whole world a utopia? Is there a chance to stop wars and global conflicts completely?


1. Yes, world peace is a utopia. I’ll tell you a story.

2. One of the most recent experiences of creating an ideal and democratic city is Auroville (which is a wonderful name!). And it is in India. And where else! It is a country of meditation, yoga, vegetarianism and canonical peace.

Bengali philosopher Sri Aurobindo, together with French philosopher Mira Alfassa tried to create an ideal city in 1968. Apparently, they wanted to prove the non-utopian nature of the city of the Sun by Tommaso Campanella.

People from all over the world were invited to live in this city. It was built according to the laws of the Galaxy — the buildings were arranged in concentric circles from the center. Despite the aridity of this region, factories and industries, infrastructure and universities, schools and plantations were organized. Perhaps, something good would have resulted from this venture, if the inhabitants hadn`t wanted … to deify Mira — the founder of this city.

This wish ruined everything, as the natural balance was disturbed.

The humanity has been caught in the same trap many times, when deification of one person led to the imbalance of the whole system.

The goal was false here too: instead of steady expansion of everything good according to the law of necessary diversity there was exaltation of one person only. And … it led to a collapse. Now there are ruins, dirt and homeless people.

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