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Vladimir Spivakovsky, teach me, please, and other admirers of your blog, I think, will not refuse to learn.

How not to react to a newspaper hoax? There can be so high profile names, you click the link and oops! – there is useless and meaningless material and you just waste your time. Sometimes adverts pop up, which is also unpleasant.

And what is the most horrible there can be intimate photos, photos of pornographic character.
How can we understand where there is a normal article where there is a hoax?


1. My answer will be a bit strange, because I have learned to treat any information from the point «Can it be useful to me at least a little?». And I have stopped considering information from the point «is it true?». I once asked a Chinese: «How many truths are there in the world?» He thought and replied: «I do not know, but there is one and a half billion of us». Therefore, it`s difficult to understand for whom it is a hoax and for whom it isn`t.

2. All the headlines in the media try to outdo each other in creativity and conspiracy, because for them not the truth is a priority, but a quick attraction of attention. Now on the Internet there is a huge business — using links to guide you where they need (not you).

3. Do you have protection from this? Not really, because there is hardly something that can protect you from this bulldozer. What is my strategy? I taught myself to recognize very quickly (in 1-2 seconds) if I need this text or not. My «thesaurus» works for me, that is, I instantly catch some key words, as well as the tonality of the written text, the last phrase or line. My brain quickly decides in autopilot mode if to stop here or scroll further.

Well, it is like a melody and then you catch some fake notes. Why should you listen to it further?

4. But since I have a well-developed right hemisphere, which is always looking for something creative. Sometimes even in verbal or illustrative rubbish I switch on my imagination and my brain, again independently, without my intervention, starts looking for some zest in this cacophony or rubbish. And then it reports to me that from such and such rubbish you can get a completely different candy.

5. Thus it turns out that the efficiency of my browsing is about 80%, and I do not regret about those 20% of trash. As my mother-in-law says, a good housewife will make good use even of spoilt sour cream.

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