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Tyler Sutton

Good afternoon, Vladimir Spivakovsky. I have a question about case-lessons. How many teachers should conduct a case at the same time? There are scans from different subjects there. Is it possible to cope with one teacher or do we need to involve several? In this case, is it efficient to involve several employees for one lesson?


The best way to conduct is one teacher. There were many attempts to involve more teachers. It led to increase a budget (necessity to pay double or triple salary). In addition, the situation occurred, when teachers began to argue with each other and they spoiled a lesson.

Also, the efficiency comes when we include into interactive discussions students instead of teachers. The progressive point is that the role of the teacher dramatically changes. Now the teacher not totally speaks and explains, but helps to find out needed information and process it. It’s a way, when students master the knowledge deeper, faster and remember it for longer time.

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