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Hello, Vladimir. My name is Billy Noris, I’m from the USA. I have carefully studied your 7W school project of the future, and I have a question. Obviously, studying in such a school will not be cheap, since it 1) is private 2) requires a large budget. Is it appropriate to build such schools only for the rich, while the whole world is struggling for accessible education for all?


Thank you, Billy, for your question. It’s not like this. It’s not a matter of money. The first car also used to be expensive and the first Edison’ electric lamp was extremely expensive. However, they appeared because the previous carriages and candles became ineffective. So, the new inventions came. The same happens to the school system. The old one is tired and doesn’t satisfy modern requirements and challenges.

That’s why the algorithm will be as follows. First there might be built pilot projects of new-style schools. And it doesn’t matter what will be the financial sources. It can be municipality initiative, private, foundations, sponsors. So, the fees will vary. Anyway, it is a choice of parents, who are looking for the best ratio “costs-results”.

For instance, the new model of school provides very cheap subscription on the best learning materials instead of expensive textbooks. Moreover, it depends on the country’s education policy. There are many countries, where education is free of charge. I dream for those times, when schools will be free and provide an excellent quality of education.

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