Volodymyr Spivakovskiy

Matthew Whitfield

Vladimir Spivakovsky, I really like your project of reforming the education system. I hope that it will get accustomed to different countries with different mentality. But where can we get teachers to create a new education system? After all, even if you completely change the technical equipment and content, teachers will still remain the same.


Yes, you are right. Teachers become weak link in the system. Nevertheless, there is a way out. It is impossible to reeducate all teachers in one day. And it will take many years to do it consequentially. Fortunately, people in business, faces with such a problem, found a decision, which is well known as “virus marketing”. It means, that it is worth only one person to do it, like the rest follow his example.

The same happens at the school. If in one “pilot” school the new efficient technologies or case-lessons will appear, parents and students of other schools will press them to do the same. Some schools award teachers-innovators with money, status, or additional privileges.

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