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No matter how much want, we cannot get rid of conflicts completely. Some American psychologists in general believe that the presence of a conflict in a team is an indication that this team is living and developing. Surely you have «student-teacher» conflicts in the Lyceum, at least triggered by a given mark. What do you do then?


1. There is no cult of marks in the Lyceum. Moreover, there are no tragic poor marks at all, as it used to be in the old days. Teachers do not have any motivation to flunk students, therefore marks are given objectively and a bad grade can always be made up.

2. Grand Lyceum is a school “with a human face”, where all misunderstandings are quickly and painlessly coped with by the teachers and management.

3. According to our concept, school marks influence very little in the future life: satisfactory student can become ministers and excellent students can be plumbers. Therefore, the main thing is not grades, but to realize students` fullest potential. If you are not good at Math yet, be a leader in writing. If you do not like literature, be ahead of others in computers, if you do not want to learn anything — well, at least score goals in football. I deliberately exaggerate things here, because I know from experience that different abilities open up at different ages, and we should not push hard. Although our teachers-coaches quite quickly recognize abilities and capabilities of children and guide them along the right trajectory.

4. The main thing is that the results that are obtained during such «individual» growing of children are felt by their parents who see the final product and are satisfied with it.

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