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I`d like to know the opinion of the person who used to be a monopolist and lost this status unexpectedly.

Grand after all was the first private school in our country, wasn`t it? And then other private schools began to appear, worse and better, luring customers from you.

Didn`t you want to kill anyone?


1. No, of course, not. Firstly, no monopoly can be held for a long time. Secondly, willing or unwilling, our competitors actually promoted Grand, copying our technologies, schedule, subjects. Thirdly, it was not easy for them to lure our customers — it is necessary to ensure the proper high level of training and service.

2. After all, establishment of a private school is not a simple business, because first you need to invest a lot of money in the building, furniture, teachers, books, and only then invite parents and children to this school. And not vice versa. Therefore, we have not so many private schools in Kyiv and in Ukraine.

3. Reflecting on the question of monopoly, I also sometimes think about the feelings of inventors whose names no one knows, remembers and perpetuates, although millions of people use their achievements and should be grateful to them.
Well, let’s say, do you know who invented the contact lenses that are used by hundreds of millions? And the internal combustion engine — hundreds of millions of drivers drive cars without thinking about that hero? What about the microwave? And the skyscrapers? And the Internet, skype, the flat screen, the mobile phone?? And thousands more things and meanings?

4. The world in general is surprisingly inverted: the names of «people useful to civilization» are unknown and the names of worthless and talentless singers are household names. At school children are forced to study the history of wars, murders, seizures and not the history of discoveries, inventions. And then they wonder why they become hooligans and maniacs and not builders.

5. Now in the Hypermarket of Knowledge on Xvatit site we introduced a new subject «History of Creators, Discoveries and Inventions of Humanity.» The things are underway and we began to receive materials from everywhere, which will make up a new textbook on this topical and «cool» subject. We are tired of learning only about wars and emperors-idiots.

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