Volodymyr Spivakovskiy

Formulas of success,
exclusively from Vladimir Spivakovsky

There are several of them, for different occasions. In order to ease my mind, I have collected a whole arsenal of them.
When one formula of success does not fit, I remember others.
Something will necessarily warm in a difficult moment or lead out of a maze of suspiciousness.

Here they are, these formulas:

Bad luck streak is a runway.

The mind replaces money.

Ordinary rules are not applicable to me.

Before you find your princess, you`ll have to kiss a lot of frogs.

If things are going well — why rush?
If things are going wrong — why rush?

A person is measured not from the foot to head, but from head to sky.

Stop thinking! Do something!

Success = X + Y + Z,
where X is what you can do; Y — drive from what you know how to do;
умеешь делать; Z — «keep your mouth shut», since no one earns money by chatting.

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