Volodymyr Spivakovskiy

Travels of Vladimir Spivakovskiy

I have visited 107 countries around the world

I study how they live, what they dream about, how they get richer and how they get poorer. And also — what and how they teach and what results are achieved. There I speak at congresses, forums, conclude contracts, collect material for books, fill up the collection of pyramids and expand the scope of my business projects.

I like to make a breakthrough not only to Europe, but also in the Global World.

Gold in Australia
I went to the mountains of Australia and, like during the «gold rush», I tried to wash gold with a basin. A gold coin — a sovereign was made of the washed grains.

China. Tiananmen Square
I tried to hooliganize and imagine how Mao Zedong or Deng Xiaoping, speaking from the same tribune, looked at their subjects who dreamed only of a cup of rice.

And these leaders conceived to break the global economy by a genius two-way. First to saturate the Western world with a mass of extremely cheap low-quality consumer goods (and earn a couple of trillions of dollars on this). And then, having learned to produce products that are similar to brands, earn a fortune on these «brands».

And here is the result: rapid transformation of a cup of rice into leadership in the world!

The two most famous pyramids in the world
Pyramid of the Kukulkan (Feathered Serpent) in Mexico and the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Monte Carlo
The famous casino in which I first saw (and experienced, of course) a unique toilet. At the time when you drain the water, the lid of the toilet seat leaves smoothly into the wall and another lid, new and packed in paper, appears. It is like bowls in bowling.

Above the toilet seat there is a screen on which data on the amount of sugar in the blood and even some very personal tests are shown.
But the next day I was not allowed to go there. Either they did not like my shorts, or maybe they thought I was using the casino for a different purpose.

The wall competes with the pyramid

In order to feel the sour taste and bitter meaning of life, you have to go five thousand kilometers along the Great Wall of China.
I still did not understand how it could serve as a defense structure for the soldiers. It would be complete nonsense. Rather, it was built from global considerations — in contrast to the pyramid of Cheops.

In the media corporation New York Times
Spivakovsky after signing a cooperation agreement with our magazine «Oligarch».

The Magic Sea
It seems that this gentleman again has a new project in his head.

My home in Sochi
We had a small mountain site. We used to grow persimmon, apples, plums, tomatoes, cucumbers, dill and grapes. Every day I collected a new crop.

In Zurich, I searched and found the very historic pub and table where Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin, reading morning newspapers, was preparing a revolution in Russia.

In the media center of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm

I’m trying to predict who the next Nobel laureate will be.

The ruins of the Greek amphitheater
Here you feel the connection of times.

The bullet train in Shanghai
With such speed you can rush through life. To have time for all.

My school in Sochi. And the hotel «Primorskaya»
In the 10th form in the spring, on the eve of the final exams at school, I secretly entered this hotel «only for foreigners and only for millionaires» through the cordons of the KGB-men, dreaming of how I would grow up and become both a foreigner and a millionaire.. Here I`m again, in 40 years, having arrived from another country, I report you about the native land and about «dreams coming true».

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